This is a market research stage and it is so very important to make sure your book is going to be competitive.  It can also be called competitive analysis.

You don’t want to put all your effort into writing a manuscript only to find out it’s not going to make you any money.  You want to make sure your efforts are on track with the current market:

  • With cover design

  • With the Title

  • With your content

  • With your book description

  • With your author bio

You want to capture this information as early in the writing process as possible so you don’t have to change things after you’ve put so much work into your book.

With a comparison, you will discover pricing, keywords, how bestsellers are writing their book description and bio.  What appeals to the buyers, is your title eye-catching, and will your content follow the bestsellers – with your twist and style.

The comparison is also important because it helps you understand how your book is different from its competitors.


It can be time consuming to put together, but is time well spent and a key to a successful book launch.