Well, that is an exaggeration.

In order to publish your book, you will need a team.  The size of your team is your decision, but you shouldn’t do it all yourself.  You need extra eyes on your book.

Here are some of the team members to consider:

  • Editor – There are different types of editors from structural to category specific. Editors will have varying experience and that will influence how much they charge. You want to find one you hit it off with so communication is free flowing.

  • Copy Editor is different than an “Editor.” You want your manuscript checked for punctuation, grammar, and consistency.  There are different levels of copyediting so decide if you want the whole enchilada or just a light version.  Most copy editors don’t proofread.

  • Proofreader – They will read the manuscript for context and flow which can point out word deletions, word order, and misspellings. You can also find one who is category specific.  If you write it, you will tend to read what you meant to write and miss mistakes – you’ve got to have your work proofread.

  • Cover Designer – It doesn’t matter how good your best friend is at graphic art, cover design is a specialty. It’s the first thing your potential customers see so you’ll want the best. And there are certain things the cover must contain.  Don’t skimp here.

  • Interior Designer for print or digital books. This includes font selection, chapter heading, and any other interior design elements you’ve pictured in your mind.  Layout is important.

  • Website Designer – Your website is the face of your product (especially if you plan to sell your book from your website). It introduces you to your fans.  You will also collect names here with your lead magnet offer. This is what starts your email list.  VERY IMPORTANT:  Start this while you’re still writing your book.  It’s part of the marketing process.

  • Conversion/Formatter Expert for eBooks – they know all the formats.

  • Photographer – Get a professional headshot for your cover, website, and any other marketing. It needs to be GREAT.

  • Social Media Consultant – If you decide to market using social media – don’t do it yourself unless you know what you’re doing and have the time.

  • Publicists can be very expensive and take part of the profits. Do your research before you decide to hire one.

  • Author/Speaker Assistant – They manage all of this and keep you on track so everything comes together at the right time. They also provide many other services behind the scenes that have not been mentioned here.   See what some of those are by signing up for the Author’s Checklist at www.ontime-assistants.com/authors-checklist.

 There’s a lot to think about when you’re writing a book.  Do it Right – For Yourself!